Esurance Approved Body Shop in Los Angeles

We’ve spent many years in the body repair sector and in doing so, we’ve worked with all the main US insurance companies like Esurance. By liaising with your provider, we’re able to expedite proceedings, ensuring that your car is never at our Esurance approved body shop any longer than it needs to be.

We deal with your insurance company on your behalf and the fact that we have some really useful industry contacts means that we can get your claim details where they need to be in good time. As soon as we’ve achieved that, we start work on restoring your pride and joy to its former pristine state.

Only Quality Parts Are Used at our Esurance Approved Body Shop

Just because we’re an Esurance body shop does not mean that we’re in some way connected to the provider – we’re not! We’re completely independent. What does that mean? Well, for starters, it means that we have the freedom to choose the parts we use – which are always of the absolute highest quality.

We know that a long-lasting collision repair requires top-quality parts to be used and so we’ll never settle for anything less. During the process, we’ll make you feel looked after, as we guide you every step of the way. We’ll deal with important admin and other aspects like arranging a rental car while your car is with us.

Call (323) 270-5306 now for a free quote or visit our Esurance approved body shop in central Los Angeles at 7853 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047.

When you’ve got our Esurance body shop team at your back, you’re in very good hands, allowing you to sit back and relax while we handle your body estimate. We’ll take all the stress away, dealing with everything related to your claim on your behalf. We’ll also absolutely make sure that your insurance provider treats you fairly.

That’s not to say they’re out to pull the wool over your eyes, but they are a profit-making business that might not always put your needs first. However, our dedicated team is constantly striving to ensure your claim is processed quickly and fairly, so you don’t need to worry.

Do I Actually Need 3 Quotes For My Claim?

There’s a good chance that your insurance company will ask for three quotes for your claim to be processed, but the truth is that you only actually need one. If the quote you get through our Esurance approved body shop  differs from the one your provider gives you, will use theirs to guide our repair.

Extra damage is often found during the course of body repairs – something that sometimes requires extra parts and labor. If so, don’t stress, as all we’d do in this case is arrange for your insurance company to send an adjuster. We’ll then get a supplement added to your claim and get the additional work completed.

Direct Repair Centers Offer Quick Repairs

Esurance Approved Body Shop

As well as being an Esurance body shop, the El Shaddai Auto Collision Center is also a Direct Repair Center. This equips us with a cloud-based quote system via which your whole claim can be handled and all you need to do to get things started is provide us with your claim number. It really couldn’t be easier.

Thanks to this system, our customer warranty claims are processed that much more quickly. We can even directly bill your insurance company. With our team fighting your corner, the experience you get will always be relaxed, simple and straightforward.

Call (323) 270-5306 today for a free quote or visit our Esurance body shop in central Los Angeles at 7853 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047.