USAA Approved Body Shop in Los Angeles

As experienced operators in the world of auto body repair, our USAA approved body shop worked closely with the biggest insurance providers for many years. This allows us to make sure your vehicle spends the shortest possible amount of time at our USAA network body shop by keeping the progress of your claim going smoothly.

Talking on your behalf with your insurance provider, we use our experience, contacts and industry know-how to get the details of your claim in the right hands as quickly as possible. Once we know that the key people have what they need, we start the job of repairing your car and restoring its former glory.

Our USAA Approved Body Shop in Los Angeles Uses High Quality Parts

At the same time as being a USAA approved body shop, we’re also an independent operator, which means that we have complete control of the parts we source. We believe that a repair is only as good as the materials used, which is why we only ever obtain the highest quality parts to restore the vehicles of our customers.

We’re committed to get the work done to an exceptional standard the first time around and our team is with you throughout the entire process. We’ll guide you when necessary, taking care of important admin that ensures your claim is expedited. We can even take care of arranging your rental car!

Call (323) 270-5306 today for your free estimate or visit our USAA approved body shop in central Los Angeles at 7853 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047.

USAA Approved Body Shop

You’re well catered for with our USAA approved body shop team by your side, as they make the job of dealing with your insurance provider a stress-free one. We’re there to make sure you’re treated fairly at all times and to ensure that you’re never misled by your provider.

Insurance companies aren’t your enemy, of course, but they are out to make a profit and may not always act in your best interests. That said, our guys know exactly what they’re doing and always strive to make sure your claim goes as planned.

I Need Three Quotes for My Claim… Right?

Actually, that’s a common misconception and insurance providers do routinely ask for three estimates for customer claims to be processed. In truth, you only really need one! Should the quote you receive at our USAA body shop differ from the one your insurance company provides, we’ll just use theirs for your repair.

In the event of our repair team finding extra damage that requires additional parts and labor, don’t stress – it’s a completely normal part of the process. Should this happen, we’ll simply organize a visit from an insurance adjuster, add the extra work to your claim and then complete it. Nice and easy.

Direct Repair Center Status = Quicker Warranty Claim

USAA Approved Body Shop

One of the reasons why we can get warranty repairs done so quickly is that our USAA Insurance approved body shop is also a Direct Repair Center. This gives us access to a cloud-based system through which every aspect of your claim can be managed, with just a claim number needed to get started.

Labor & parts warranty claims proceed much more quickly as a result, particularly as we’re able directly bill your insurance provider. With the El Shaddai Auto Collision Center to guide you, you’re always assured of a fair and speedy repair.

Call (323) 270-5306 today for a free quote or visit our USAA body shop and collision repair center in central Los Angeles at 7853 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047.