Who is the best body shop near me?

If we were living in a perfect world, no one would ever need the collision repair services of a body shop, but we all know that the world we live in is not perfect in any way.  In the real world, accidents usually happen, and when they do, you need to choose the right body shop to get your car back to looking like new.

Choosing the right body shop is essential not only for your vehicle’s good looks but to ensure it functions properly. A well-repaired car will be so safe that it would feel like the day it first rolled off the assembly line, while a poorly repaired or maintained car will be risky to drive.  You must choose a body shop that uses genuine manufacturer parts and whose staff are capable of putting all the pieces of your car back just the way they were, without damaging them.

Tips For Handling Auto Insurance Companies

When dealing with any insurance company, you need to bear in mind that most states give customers the right to choose their body shop for the auto body repairs required.  While insurance companies will try to steer their customers to preferred body shops, customers can and should do some research on their own to find the best match for their needs. Below are five tips for you to pick the best body shop;

Word of Mouth

One of the ways to find the perfect body shop is to ask around. Ask your family members, friends, and coworkers as this is a good way to get some recommendations about which body shops are the best, and which ones are bad. It is essential to solicit these individuals for advice on which body shops do the best work. If you know anyone who has recently been in an accident, you should ask them about their experience, and about which body shop did the repair work on their car.

Evaluate the body shop when you visit to determine if it’s the best

As you are scrutinizing different body shops, it is trite to take a good look around. You are looking for a shop that is neat and tidy, not dirty and scattered. Another important thing to look for is various industry certifications and certificates held by the company’s employees. Most times, they are usually hung on the wall for public display. These certifications will help to tell you if the work will be of the highest quality or not.

Search for proper equipment

It is vital to look for certain pieces of equipment as you move around the shop, preferably with the shop owner.  An advanced body shop should include a paint spray booth and a modern frame machine for measuring and pulling the vehicle’s body. The body shop owner should be proud to show you around the shop once he knows his work is top-notch. If they are hesitant in showing you around, that should tell you something is wrong.

Speak personally with the Owner

When scrutinizing body shops, it is a perfect idea to talk directly to the shop owner.  It is good to get an estimate from a worker or have a technician answer specific questions you might have, but talking directly to the owner will give you a better feel for the shop’s quality and what they are capable of. You must ensure you discuss your insurance claim and the rules and regulations governing the repair. It is also essential, of course, to get several different estimates. This is to ensure you are getting the best value for your money. However, if one of the estimates is very low, it could be a good idea to carefully look at that estimate and make sure that you will truly be getting good service from the body shop. While a low price might be good, it is important to make sure that the shop will be using genuine parts and that the work is guaranteed.

Read the fine print

After you have selected a particular body shop, ensure to read the fine print carefully before signing any agreements.  It is important, for example, to ensure that the work is guaranteed, and to determine your rights in the event of a dispute.

If you follow all these tips, you are sure to pick the best body shop which is El Shaddai Auto Collision Repair Center.

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