Minor and Major Car body damage occurs all the time. From door dings, bumper scrapes, to scratches — These are all car issues that you may have a shot at repairing yourself but can you do it accurately? Before delving into auto body repair and learning how to get it done within the comfort of your home, assess your skill level. If you have never tried any fixes like this before, you are not going to get absolute perfection the first time. If you want to get a perfect repair, find an excellent body shop and collision center to have your vehicle fixed properly. And guess what? We are that Body Shop! Most times, the cost of professional auto body repairs is worth it if you take into account the stress and time taken for repairs. Still, if you are patient, determined, and want to save your money, now is the time to try to fix your dents on your own.

Just know that you will have to do it more than once to get a satisfactory result and that you definitely won’t end up with the result that looks as good as a professional repair. Let’s give you some helpful tips then.

How to Fix Minor Scratches

A simple paint scratch may look very simple to repair, but it is not relatively as easy as filling in the scratch with touch-up paint. If the scratch is deep enough to show the primer underneath, you will need to fill the scratch generously. To achieve this, you can use either multiple coats of touch-up paint or scratch filler. When it becomes dry, you will need to sand the area smooth with sandpaper. Use fantastic sandpaper for this job, even if it is taking a lot of time. Don’t worry; it’ll be worth it in the end. You can use 400-grit sandpaper as a starting point while working your way up to 800-grit.

Choose the Right Paint

If you need to fill up an area of your paint, the automobile car parts store sells a wide variety of car paints that should match reasonably well. You can always find the paint code for your vehicle in your owner’s manual. You can even check the paint code sticker located on the door sill or under the hood. A car dealer like us can also help. If you are painting an area large enough to be sprayed, make sure you have your paint custom-mixed and loaded into an aerosol sprayer for a perfect match.

Car Body Dents?

If you have got a minor dent, they can sometimes be popped out safely from behind. For a lot of minor damage, suction cup dent pullers will do a perfect job. Most of the time, you will need to fill the dent and repaint the affected area. Filling a dent with body filler is not that difficult, but it is tough to do. With a ton of patience, and the willingness to revisit the damaged area over and over until it’s perfect, you can make a very nice repair using body filler. Once the dent is filled, leave it to dry. Once it’s dry, then it’s time to paint. You can permanently save some extra money by doing the body repair yourself, then have the paintwork done by a professional auto shop, like us. Find out more about our dent repair and paintless dent repair services here.

Repair Broken Lights

If you have a destroyed tail light or turn signal, you can handle it on your own. Most of our vehicles are designed for relatively easy replacement of these lenses. Some are obviously more difficult than others, but all of them are still repairable at home using simple tools. Before you pay a whole lot of money for your new lens at the dealer, you can consider ordering a cheap reproduction part. The quality of these lens parts has increased dramatically over the past decade, and the price is like a fraction of what the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s part costs. Still, all these would be way easier on you if you can just make your way down to our professional body shop and collision repair center. We are the best at what we do, and you should come and see for yourself.

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